Hello! I’ve decided to introduce a few different subjects to my site, I’ve recently remembered just how much I love to explore and photograph scenery, art work and the like. I will also be starting a few personal projects in the near future, one being my study at the Medici University, and will use this as a platform to write and record my journeys!

So today, I bring to you the brand new, expansive exploration project: Blithe.
Note: All photographs are raw, straight from the viewer with only some cropping and re-sizing. Windlight: Nacon’s Morning.
Please click through to view larger images!

At the landing point you are greeted with gorgeous greenery and a few pathways to choose from. There is even a dance “ball” on the tree ahead!

The aptly named, spectacularly decorated region is created by the fabulous Harlow Heslop and consists of two sims filled to the brim with fantastic scenery, walking trails, beaches and all kinds of sweet and romantic spots to spend time with friends and loved ones. You will also find the ever popular Pixel Bean Coffeehouse 😀 !

One of many beach areas.
One of many beach areas.

I spent around and hour exploring as much as I could and I can safely say there is something for everyone here.

A lake area with walking trail. A favourite of mine!
A lake area with walking trail. A favourite of mine!

It was hard to choose which photos to share as there were so many amazing places and I couldn’t possibly spoil some of the beautiful surpries! These are just a few of my personal favourites, I highly recommend visiting for yourself, you will not be disappointed.

The Pixel Bean!
The Pixel Bean!

Thank you, Harlow! Teleport to Blithe.

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