I’m a Bad Kid and I Will Survive

Hello lovelies : ) KatnipZ Wonderland has just opened and each store has an exclusive item that has 50% off! This awesome tank is the contribution from ~ PURE Perfection ~ ♥ The GORGEOUSYUMMYPERFECT shoes are from The Horror! and are 150L each – seriously ridiculous price for something so fabulous! Skin – Glam Affair ‘Summer’ Hair – Truth ‘Abra’ Top – ~ PURE Perfection … Continue reading I’m a Bad Kid and I Will Survive

There Is No ‘Happily Ever After’

Super super super excited to announce I am now an official blogger for KaTnipZ Events ♥! I’m even more excited to show you some prizes from the Happily Ever After??? Hunt! I am slightly obsessed with fantasy and when hunts like this come along I get way too excited, I had a blast putting this together too. I usually sway slightly more towards the light … Continue reading There Is No ‘Happily Ever After’