Party Time @ SL11B!

Another year older, Second Life is celebrating it’s 11th Birthday and there are eleven fantastic sims bursting with awesome things to do and see! After covering the celebrations for the 10th birthday last year, I was honoured to be allowed back for an early access press tour!

The event opened it’s doors to the public yesterday and I’m super excited to return and scope out more amazing exhibits for you, but here are some must-see landmark places I grabbed the goss’ on!

Although maybe lacking in quality due to quick snapping, these photos are raw, in-world shots and best viewed larger by clicking through.

SL11B Press Tour
Time Capsule with Welcome Area behind.

First up is the Time Capsule and Welcome Area just behind it. The Welcome area was designed by Donpatchy (donpatchy.dagostino), a long time builder for public spaces at SLB events. There is much to explore here and you have access to the Pod Tours and teleports to major locations!

The winning design for the SL11B time capsual will be placed where we’re all stood in the photo above, you can find out how to enter the contest at the SL11B Blog! Around this area, time capsule’s from previous years stand proud and it’s well worth exploring just for the history in each.

(Click for much more!)

SL11B Press Tour
The road leading to, and the outside of the Main Cake Stage.

Next we have the Main Cake Stage – I was absolutely BLOWN AWAY by this magnificent build! It was no surprise to find out this was all put together by the incredible designer Loki Elliot.

SL11B Press Tour
The ground floor of the stage.

Here is some information quoted from the Pod Tour:

Using the latest second life building techniques such as mesh, material mapping, alpha masking and projector lighting, the stage resembles a giant futuristic cake while inspired by early 1980’s digital design.

Housing a room of stars that represent the collective neurones of a connected humanity. Earth’s empire of the mind and soul.

SL11B Press Tour
Loki Elliot – Designer of the Main Cake Stage.

The man himself happened to be there *fangirls* I snagged a pic! This is what he had to say on the effects above the stage:

[16:32] Loki Eliot: i wanted to do a space where flying was ok and encouraged

SL11B Press Tour
Platforms amongst the astonishing effects above the stage.

A mixture of live and DJ events will be held here and make sure you fly up because the effects are spectacular, not to mention there’s secret platforms and goodies hidden about!

SL11B Press Tour
The Main stage of the Auditorium.

Moving on to the Auditorium. Designed by Pygar Bu, this is a beautiful area with a very calm and tranquil vibe – but these two stages will be bursting with life over the week!

The main stage pictured above will host events such as dance performances, fashion shows, marching bands and cheerleaders amongst others!

SL11B Press Tour
Secondary stage of the Auditorium.

Above, you will be able to find talks, presentations and lectures on an array of topics – discussions with designers, community leaders and much more.

SL11B Press Tour
The Live Stage.

The Live Stage will be the home of live performances, this stunning build is HUGE and really needs to be seen to be believed! The designer, Aki Shichiroji, was attracted to the idea of “sunken build” and has really outdone herself with this futuristic, slightly dystopian space!


Make sure you take the time to explore the offerings from the talented and hard working creators of Second Life. There are two gift centres, a HUGE hunt with four trails, gifts in individual parcels, Pod Tours (these will take you on a tour around the entire event, giving you information as you go!) and there are even birthday gifts from Linden Labs!

Visit the website for information, SLURLS, hunt hints and more!

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