Review Policy

I am in no way a ‘professional blogger’, I blog because I enjoy it 🙂 that being said, I do have many years of blogging experience through RL and SL blogs. I also have a fair bit of experience on Photoshop but this is only used to enhance my images, not to alter products.

I feature women’s fashion, hair, cosmetics, mesh enhancements and events. On occasion, I feature home and decor.

If you’re a designer and would like to send me a review copy I will photograph and promote it to the best of my ability. Obviously this only applies if the item is to my taste and suits my personal style <3!

I am not obligated to blog every item I receive, as this is based solely on my SL and my opinions. However, if you send me an item and it does not appear on my blog, it does not necessarily mean I didn’t like it!

Please contact me by notecard inworld with the appropriate information (prices, landmarks, availability ect) at LadyMinaj Resident or use the contact form below.
Any other queries please email me at

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