Yearbook Smile Challenge

Hello! I’m back after a short hiatus due to many, many things. My work schedule means it’s very difficult for me to blog as frequently as I once did but I will try to find a routine.

Yearbook Smile Challenge

I was so excited to see Miss Strawberry Singh had restarted her weekly blog challenges and I loved setting up this photo to participate in the Yearbook Smile Challenge!

Smiling in Second Life really does look awkward for the most part. You end up with squinting eyes, eyelashes on your cheek bones and all sorts. I do have a few tricks to make this look better!
For a quick photo fix, I use Snow Rabbit‘s eyelash and teeth set. It comes with an awesome HUD for fitting the lashes which lets you position them specifically for smiling and they will move with the smile when you use the accompanying expression HUD!

However, in my photo above I decided to join in and try out the Danika Smile by Loud Mouth. It’s definitely an awesome tool for photography but I still feel the smile is a little forced and awkward for my tastes – it was however, perfect for this! I love that you can get an add-on for braces too!

Skin: Glam Affair – Romy
Hair: Truth – Lolita
Sweater: coldLogic – Kent
Mouth: Loud Mouth – Danika Smile
Braces: Loud Mouth
Pose: Izzie’s – Headshot 8

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