Surfari 2017 – Surfing in Second Life

Hi everyone! I’m feeling super summery today even if the weather in the UK has taken a very wet turn, I have some gorgeous items from The Epiphany to show you but more importantly my new (but old) obsession and an upcoming event – Surfing in Second Life and Surfari 2017! A few months ago when my friend sent me a TP to the beach, … Continue reading Surfari 2017 – Surfing in Second Life


Hello! I’ve decided to introduce a few different subjects to my site, I’ve recently remembered just how much I love to explore and photograph scenery, art work and the like. I will also be starting a few personal projects in the near future, one being my study at the Medici University, and will use this as a platform to write and record my journeys! So … Continue reading Blithe

The Dark Melody

Now I’m sure you’ve seen this dress already, I’ve seen it blogged left right and centre but I just HAD to photograph it myself! This is -Pixicat-‘s stunning offering currently available at Rhapsody! Supremely textured and flawlessly meshed, you can buy this in a multitude of designs. Grab the accompanying arm bands and spiked tote bag for an extremely fierce look! Check out my gorgeous … Continue reading The Dark Melody

Party Time @ SL11B!

Another year older, Second Life is celebrating it’s 11th Birthday and there are eleven fantastic sims bursting with awesome things to do and see! After covering the celebrations for the 10th birthday last year, I was honoured to be allowed back for an early access press tour!

The event opened it’s doors to the public yesterday and I’m super excited to return and scope out more amazing exhibits for you, but here are some must-see landmark places I grabbed the goss’ on!

Although maybe lacking in quality due to quick snapping, these photos are raw, in-world shots and best viewed larger by clicking through.

SL11B Press Tour
Time Capsule with Welcome Area behind.

First up is the Time Capsule and Welcome Area just behind it. The Welcome area was designed by Donpatchy (donpatchy.dagostino), a long time builder for public spaces at SLB events. There is much to explore here and you have access to the Pod Tours and teleports to major locations!

The winning design for the SL11B time capsual will be placed where we’re all stood in the photo above, you can find out how to enter the contest at the SL11B Blog! Around this area, time capsule’s from previous years stand proud and it’s well worth exploring just for the history in each.

(Click for much more!)
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