One Billion Rising In SL

Another quick post today to let you all know the One Billion Rising event is in full swing! Join the rest of the world by participating in this very real and important movement to raise awareness and ultimately end abuse to women.
Note: These pictures are raw, untouched with only some cropping and resizing.


Two hundred people can come together to dance on the FOUR region stage, the surrounding area consists of arena’s, exhibits and art installations, one of which is pictured above – I made my way around the entire event and there are some spectacular things to see and do.

"This Is Not Love" Exhibit
“This Is Not Love” Exhibit

There is a full 24 hours worth of events including the likes of DJs, poets etc so make sure you check out the schedule!


"This Is Equality" Exhibit
“This Is Equality” Exhibit

I have included a few of my favourite installations but you really must visit them yourselves to experience the true workmanship and artistic flair that went in to everything, the last exhibit I have pictured above features a helter-skelter like building with some extremely moving and touching stories. Highly recommended.

This mesh t-shirt is free at the event!
This mesh t-shirt is free at the event!

Teleport to One Billion Rising in SL:
OBR Change
OBR Dance
OBR Drum
OBR Rise

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