SL13B – My Top 5 Exhibits

SL13B - Ebbe Linden Selfie

It’s been a week full of celebration at SL13B and the obvious highlight for me was taking this amazing selfie with Ebbe Linden – I was even papped here!
But as promised, here are my Top 5 Exhibits across the 17 regions. Although the entertainment draws to a close tonight, the exhibits will be open until Sunday 3rd of July, so there’s plenty of time to explore!

All images below are resized and cropped RAW shots straight from Second Life.

SL13B - The Automaton

1. The Automaton @ Stupendous Stage Left

Slightly biased since I am a stage manager for this particular stage but I am blown away everyday by this build, it’s sheer size compared to everything else is extraordinary and really must be seen in-world to be believed!

SL13B - One Love United

2. “One Love – United” Orlando Tribute @ Wonderous

This is a very moving tribute to the victims of the Orlando shooting and a beautiful one at that. The members of Boystown SL created this stunning piece to be included at SL13B with memorial citing each victims name. Clicking the front sign will give you a candle.

SL13B - Cake Stage

3. Cake Stage @ Pizzazz

The Cake Stage is always phenomenal at SL13B but this is my all time favourite! I chose a dark windlight to really emphasise the glorious colours of this 8-bit themed build!

SL13B - MadPea Mad Monster Mountain

4. MadPea Mad Monster Mountain @ Spellbound

I am huge MadPea fan and have participated in many of their fantastic interactive hunts. This exhibit shows off just how talented the creators are as you take the best and most frightening ghost train ride of your life. I can’t do it justice by writing about it, hop over to the site and take the ride!

SL13B - Digital Art Exhibition by Cammino e Vivo Capovolto

5. Digital Art Exhibition by Cammino e Vivo Capovolto @ Electrify Landscape

The sheer beauty of this build is what caught my eye and when investigating the creator, I found they have a gallery in-world full of equally awesome work! You can even buy the creations to feature on your own land.

I have included a few more snaps from my explorations below, please click through to see the larger images and captions, you can also find them on my Flickr.

I will definitely be following up on the Firestorm Gateway which will hopefully fit in perfectly with future plans for newbie resources for this blog.
I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the last week, stage managing is so much fun not to mention the diverse range of musicians and DJ’s I got to listen to for free! I’ll be continuing to explore the regions before they close as I definitely haven’t touched the surface.

How have you been celebrating? Have you enjoyed any of the events SL13B had to offer?


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